2017 Free Agent Predictions

The official Puck++ Salary Predictions for the 2017 free agent class are available here. That sheet will be updated as the Cap is finalized (it currently lists projections for a $73 million and $76 million cap) and as players are signed. The sheet has both the player-level projections as well as a ‘Team Summary’ sheet that summarizes how much each team has over or underpaid their signings.

A full write-up on the details of the model should be coming to Hockey Graphs (and here) soon, likely within the next week or so.

The sheet includes all RFAs and UFAs who have played at least 82 games over the past 3 seasons (skaters) or played in the 2016-17 season.

New for this year is the inclusion of goalies in the predictions. The model for goalies is less mature than the skater model, so results may vary a little bit more than they will for skaters.

If you find a player who is missing from the sheet or notice any other errors, please send me a tweet or DM at @Cane_Matt. Likewise, if you have any questions, Twitter is probably the best place to reach me!

Happy FA season everyone – may your GMs act wisely and not cripple your favourite franchise for years to come!

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