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2015 World Junior Prediction Update – December 27th

Updated Predictions Day 1 of the World Juniors is in the books and while there weren’t any upsets, two medal favourites nearly stumbled out of the gate with both Russia and the US needing the shoot-out to get past Denmark

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2015 World Junior Predictions

It’s finally here, the most important day of the year in Canada, World Junior Hockey Day! While the tournament may not have the same appeal in other areas of the World (or any appeal, in some cases), for Canadians the

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How much skill exists in on-ice shooting percentages?

Earlier today, Phil Birnbaum posted a piece offering further arguments in favour of his view that shot quality exists and is a legitimate strategy choice for teams.  For those of you unfamiliar with Phil’s work, he’s long been a proponent

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Score Adjusted Weighted Shots

Last week, Tom Tango, Sabermetrician extraordinaire for the Chicago Cubs (and one of the original hockey analysts to, you know, actually make money doing this thing), posted an article on his site proposing a new metric to better weight the

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