As a Sens fan living in Toronto, Matt Cane has come to rely on statistics as a defence against the constant insistence of friends, coworkers, and random strangers that this year will really be different for the Maple Leafs. His work to date has included developing a Weighted Shots Metric, investigating the effects of zone starts, extolling the virtues of using 4 forwards on the power play, and tackling some of hockey’s biggest questions, like whether an AHL team could actually beat the 2014-2015 Buffalo Sabres.

Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management from McMaster University, and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Ryerson University. His work can also be found at Hockey Graphs and WinnersView.

When he’s not splitting his laptop screen between a Gamecentre window and a spreadsheet, Matt can be found flailing helplessly in net for his ball hockey team or willing the Blue Jays to finally end their World Series drought. Matt can be reached on Twitter at @Cane_Matt.

For other questions, comments, or for consulting inquiries, please e-mail puckplusplus [at] gmail [dot] com.


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