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Shots Against and Even Strength Shooting Percentage

I had a discussion on twitter the other day about the relationship between shots against and save percentage. I wrote earlier about how on an individual game basis, save percentage tends to increase as the number of shots against increases.

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GAA- Continued

I’ve added full lists of season-by-season and all-time (since 2007) GAA- leaders here and here respectively. The season-by-season list contains all goalies who played a minimum of 33% of the games during a given season, while the all-time list contains

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Adjusting GAA for Shots Against

Over my last few posts I’ve been looking into the idea of game level goaltending performances and adjusting goalie evaluation metrics to account for the number of shots against a goalie faces. One of the issues I have with Save

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Save % and Shots Against

I wanted to follow up on my post last week about standard save % and the idea that it could lead to overvaluing goalies who see more shots on average. The chart below shows the total save % for all

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Save % Variance and Updated Predictions

Goaltender Game by Game Save % One of the things I’ve been interested in looking at is the idea of game-by-game goaltender save percentage. One of the problems, in my view, with save percentage as a metric is that it

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