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Quick Post: Do Past Sv% Variables Predict Future Sv% Variables?

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. The usefulness of on-ice save percentage (and derivative metrics such as Sv% Rel and Sv% RelTM) has been the source of many, many heated debates in the analytics blogosphere. While many analysts point

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How much skill exists in on-ice shooting percentages?

Earlier today, Phil Birnbaum posted a piece offering further arguments in favour of his view that shot quality exists and is a legitimate strategy choice for teams.  For those of you unfamiliar with Phil’s work, he’s long been a proponent

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Breaking Down Corsi: Looking Into Shot Blocks and Misses

The willingness to block shots is one that’s often touted by the media as being the difference between winning and losing. Players who put their bodies on the line are held in the highest regard and with good reason: Fenwick,

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