Historical Player Projections – Available Now at Dobber Hockey

Over the last few years, Hockey Analytics pioneer Rob Vollman has been putting out a book of scoring projections using historically comparable players to calculate a player’s best case/worst case/average scoring totals. His method is really interesting and yields a lot of great fodder for discussion (for example, is David Clarkson really a similar player to Donald Brashear?), as well as a useful baseline to build a fantasy team off of.

This year, he was kind enough to invite me to contribute to the project, as I put together a similar set of comparable players and projections using some of the modern “enhanced” stats that we now have available. The full guide, with complete projections on over 700 NHL players, is available for $4.99 in the Dobber Store here, or is also available for free (free!!!) with your purchase of the complete 2015-2016 Dobber Fantasy Hockey Guide.

As a sneak peak of what’s inside, we’re going looking at one player from each team and analyzing what his comparables suggest is in store for the year to come. The whole series will be up on Dobber Hockey and will be going up over the next few weeks. To date, we’ve got articles up on:

I’ll keep this list updated as we go through the series, so you can always check back here to see what’s new.

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