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Measuring the Importance of Structure on the Power Play

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. tl;dr We can measure a team’s power play structure using shot location data, creating a Power Play Structure Index that quantifies their ability to establish and shoot from a structured formation. A Team’s


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Hockey Prospectus – Player Level Weighted Shots

Over at Hockey Prospectus I’ve got an article up on calculating Weighted Shots (or, more specifically, Score Adjusted Weighted Shots) at the individual player level. Give it a read, here. The article expands on my presentation at the Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference, which

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Context Neutral Player Evaluation: Examining Defence and Calculating xGD20

A few months ago I wrote about xGF20, my attempt to isolate a player’s offensive ability from his teammates abilities and the luck involved in shooting percentages in small samples. At its core, xGF20 is based on 3 reasonably repeatable

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Introducing xGF20: A Context Neutral, Corsi-Based Goal Creation Metric

If you follow the hockey analytics world at all (and since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you do), you likely have a pretty good understanding of, and appreciation for, Corsi. Analysts like to use Corsi because it’s a better predictor

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