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A New Way To Measure Deployment – Expected Faceoff Goal Differential

This article originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. Zone starts are not that great of a metric. Although certain players do tend to be put out almost exclusively for offensive or defensive purposes, the reality is that for most players’ zone starts have


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Context Neutral Player Evaluation: Examining Defence and Calculating xGD20

A few months ago I wrote about xGF20, my attempt to isolate a player’s offensive ability from his teammates abilities and the luck involved in shooting percentages in small samples. At its core, xGF20 is based on 3 reasonably repeatable

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Introducing xGF20: A Context Neutral, Corsi-Based Goal Creation Metric

If you follow the hockey analytics world at all (and since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you do), you likely have a pretty good understanding of, and appreciation for, Corsi. Analysts like to use Corsi because it’s a better predictor

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