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Shift Ends and Shot Rates

Yesterday, Tyler Dellow had an interesting post over at The Athletic (paywall) examining why not all ice-time against opponents is created equally. By drilling down on how the Leafs’ defensive units fared against various levels of competition last year, Tyler was

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A New Way To Measure Deployment – Expected Faceoff Goal Differential

This article originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. Zone starts are not that great of a metric. Although certain players do tend to be put out almost exclusively for offensive or defensive purposes, the reality is that for most players’ zone starts have

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How much do zone starts matter part II: A lot on their own, not that much in aggregate

In Part I of our review of zone starts, we looked at the how the traditional definition of zone starts varied from what most people would consider a “true” zone start, and found that when we applied the true zone

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How much do zone starts matter part I: (Maybe) not as much as we thought

In 2013-2014 Boyd Gordon and Manny Malholtra were two of the worst players in raw CF% across the league at 42.3% and 41.6% respectively. Most people would argue that their results were not all that surprising given that they faced

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