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What’s the cost of icing the puck?

Following the 2004-2005 lockout, the NHL introduced a variety of rule changes intended to increase scoring and bring fans back to the rink. One of these changes which prevented a team that ices the puck from changing their defenders, was

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The Benefits of the 4-Forward Powerplay

On Friday night I wondered aloud why coaches don’t play a 3F/1D setup during overtime, given the unpredictable nature of the shootout and the single point they’d already guaranteed themselves. And so naturally, as I often do, I started to

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Bypassing the Shot Quality Argument: Were the 2012-2013 Leafs Lucky?

The true ability of the Toronto Maple Leafs seems to be the subject of never-ending debate in the hockey world. On the one hand, you’ve got the fancy stats crowd who insists that the incredibly high shooting percentages the Leafs

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Lucky or good: 2012-2013 Historical Comparables

The New Jersey Devils were the poster child for bad luck last year. In spite of putting up a 55.6 CF% in close situations, the Devils couldn’t seem to get the puck into their opponents net or to keep it

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Do defensemen play worse on their off-hand?

Steve Yzerman apparently has a problem. A right-handed defenseman problem.  The former Red Wing and current Team Canada general manager has too many talented right-handed defensemen at his disposal and is now stuck deciding between sending out a balanced lineup

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Examining Rebound Control

Earlier this week, Rob Pettapiece had an interesting article over at NHL Numbers on rebound control, where he looked at the percentage of shots a goaltender faced that resulted in a rebound (which he defined as a shot within the

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Shots Against and Even Strength Shooting Percentage

I had a discussion on twitter the other day about the relationship between shots against and save percentage. I wrote earlier about how on an individual game basis, save percentage tends to increase as the number of shots against increases.

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