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Second Units and Zone Entries: Why teams should go all-in on the 4 forward power play

Using 4 forwards on the power play is generally a good strategy. Four forward units take more shots, score more often on those shots, and post a better goal differential than 3 forward groups do. It’s also a strategy that

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Measuring the Importance of Structure on the Power Play

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. tl;dr We can measure a team’s power play structure using shot location data, creating a Power Play Structure Index that quantifies their ability to establish and shoot from a structured formation. A Team’s

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Quick Post: Do Past Sv% Variables Predict Future Sv% Variables?

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. The usefulness of on-ice save percentage (and derivative metrics such as Sv% Rel and Sv% RelTM) has been the source of many, many heated debates in the analytics blogosphere. While many analysts point

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Quick Thoughts: On Drafting Goalies

A few days before the draft this year, I tweeted out a few ideas I had on the “Should you draft goalies early?” debate. In the interest of not losing these thoughts (and to avoid having to do any actual

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Does aggressive play on the penalty kill pay off?

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. Late last week, Arik Parnass pointed out a particular peculiarity about the Ottawa Senators’ penalty killing so far this year. For those that missed segment today on 690, #Sens PK is super interesting.

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Trade Deadline 2016

With the trade deadline fast approaching teams are wasting no time stocking up for the playoff push (or, if you’re in the unlucky camp that will be golfing come spring, unloading their assets to the highest bidder). For those of

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Predicting Which Players Will Succeed on the Powerplay

This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs. Alexander Semin did not have a good season last year. After producing decent numbers in his first two seasons in Carolina, with 35 goals and 51 assists in 109 games, Semin struggled in

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